Merging Event with CNCR

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Recently, the event of STARCOR's merging with CNCR has finally come to a close. CNCR is planning to buy STARCOR's 100% share from Luo Weiyu, the Chairman of STARCOR and  other holders, at the cost 660 million RMB by issuing stocks to particular targets together with paying by an amount of cash.

STARCOR is one of the leading providers of new media technology which has early set up OTT  platform in China. Its main products include interactive media platform management system-BO system, comprehensive service platform software-MSP and the designing, developing and deploying work of the vedio app softwares. STARCOR has been committed into providing  one-stop OTT, OTT+DVB, OTT+IPTV solutions and video-related big data  service for broadcasting and television as well as communication operators.

CNCR is a manufacture which focuses its business on providing designed solutions of  information access and the researching and developing, producing and selling work of the  relavent equipments. CNCR had earlier merged Shenzhen BroadTech Co., Ltd. to achieve the  commercial strategy of realizing the combination od information access, big data processing  and applying.

After this merging event, the two companies will integrate with each other on business expanding, clients resources and technology developing to become a powerful competitive service operator in this industry.

The clients for bith STARCOR and CBCR are maninly operators so the two companies will paly their own advantage to integrate the resources and provide better services for clients based on its multi-business angle with a win-win strategy. At the same time, STARCOR will leverl up rapidly its R&D investigation by entering the capital market and in return, will benifit itself in terms of creation ability. STARCOR and CNCR will cooperate to improve the core competitiveness of all the business products and services, allowing the valid transition between R&D achievements. STARCOR believes that this merging event will lead the way to a brighter future for both companies.

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