Won the bidding of CNTV Broadcasting Platform

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Recently, STARCOR, a well-known OTT/IPTV solution provider, has won another bidding: the CNTV integrated broadcast control platform called Yue Me which makes it the only one in China. As the operator, CNTV will provide a conprehensive, manageble and controllable system for its IPTV business, together with an abundent resources of vedio materials for the users. Accoring to official data, the number of Chinese IPTV users has increased by 10223 thousand, which has reached 43859 thousand in total. The Yue Me platform, developed by STARCOR, will be able to support 50 million users in the future.

The new IPTV platform (Yue Me) system will meet the requires of the modern society and will be easily adapted to the smart IPTV VOD platform which will be rather supportive for the whole IPTV business. If we are going to talk about its features, then we can not count out the integrated broadcast control management, the electronic program guide(EPG) management and the certification authentication billing management, etc. As to the content provider, users can get access to other content operators apart from China Telecom(Yue Me), making it more flexible and compatible than any other platforms. In 2015, the government has enacted some related policies to accelerate the procedure of building up the integrated national IPTV broadcasting control platform, boosting the network convergence. And STARCOR has already stepped on the way of supporting.

The Chairman Mr. Luo Weiyu has annouced that STARCOR will seize this fine opportunity to cooperate with the government and related broadcasting and communication operators by combining the advantages of local operation service and big data, to create a win-win cooperation service system.

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