Starcor Launched HVS 2.0 (Hybrid Video Solution) at CCBN2017 in Beijing

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BEIJING, March 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Starcor, a major international supplier of video solution and video big data service for global operators, launched its HVS 2.0 (Hybrid Video Solution) at CCBN2017 (China Content Broadcasting Network) held in Beijing, China. As the largest event for broadcasting and networking in Asia, CCBN attracted more than 1,000 companies from 30 countries. Starcor has aroused great interest to its flexible and customizable solution based on its rich industry experience. This has laid a good foundation for the upcoming BroadcastAsia2017 happening in Singapore this May. 

Starcor at CCBN2017 in Beijing
Starcor at CCBN2017 in Beijing

Starcor's HVS 2.0 provides a convergent solution of DVB, IPTV and OTT services on unified platform which offers consumers a consistent user experience across multiple content sources, networks, applications and devices. It can also help operators increase market penetration, grow revenues and build customer loyalty. Based on Apache Hadoop architecture, HVS 2.0 offers an innovation solution of video big data analysis for operators, propels transformation from traditional operation to intelligent operation with data-driven decision.

Up to now, Starcor's HVS 2.0 has been successfully deployed in CNTV, MANGO TV, TOPWAY TV and more, which are highly regarded by operators in China. With Starcor's HVS 2.0, endeavoring to promote development and evolution of media convergence technology, operators have eliminated technical barrier of convergent service expansion.

About Starcor

Founded in 2009, Starcor ( devotes to developing end-to-end OTT/IPTV solutions for broadcasters, telecom operators and content providers. Operators around the world deliver compelling television service powered by Starcor platforms every day. Starcor empowers customers to maximize profit and monetize business.

About CNTV

As a subsidiary of CCTV, CNTV specializes in OTT and IPTV services which owns the exclusive IPTV operation license in China. It adopts the uniform IPTV management platform controlling different provinces.


MANGO TV is one of the seven OTT license owners in China which contains exclusive, legal, HD programs as well as rich favorable variety shows with more than 20 million OTT users.


TOPWAY is a triple-play operator in Shenzhen, China, developed from traditional DVB business including Internet access, DVB-C and OTT.

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Source: Chengdu Starcor Information Technology Co., Ltd.

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