Global Clients' Visiting

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STARCOR has worked very hard in the line of providing video service and has gained a rather good reputaion in both domestic and oversea business world. And STARCOR will not stop exploring the fantastic outside world.

Clients visited the Chengdu center.  


In June of 2015,STARCOR had welcomed our global clients from Middle East and Afirca. On June 11, the chairman of FACT Mr.Hosny,the ex-president of Egyptian Investment Department Mr Assem, CEO of Media Work (wholly-owned subsidiaries of Qtar Work Group) and the president of Brickcity of Ghana Mr.Kwabena (royal member) have arrived in Chengdu to discuss pre-cooperarion process with STARCOR.  President of STARCOR Luo Weiyu introduced the whole business pattern of STARCOR to them including the R&D level, recent developement plans, operation pattern and the company strategy.

Clients from Lebanon Visited STARCOR

CEO of GDP, Lebanon Mr. Farous together with its other six senior utives visited STARCOR on June 23 and had discusses about the future copperation.

Since Middle East and Africa is the main target market for STARCOR recently, this meeting has a strategic meaning for us. STARCOR will take the opportunity and expand our business with our respected clients in Middle East and Africa.

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